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Assign a Teacher to a Classroom

Assigning a teacher to a classroom is necessary in order for him/her to access their students and record activity. If you haven't done so already, you will need to create a user profile for the Teacher (learn how to create a teacher profile) and then assign him/her to a classroom. 

  • Click <More> and select <Classrooms> to go to main list of classrooms.
  • Select the classroom name and click the "Edit Classroom Profile" button to make changes to the desired classroom.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the classroom edit page and locate the dropdown list of users. You will find both teacher and administrative users.
  • To assign a Teacher or *Administrator user to the classroom, select the teacher name and click the "Assign" button. (If you wish to remove a teacher from the classroom, click the "Detach" link.)

*If an Administrator would like to see Planned Lessons for any/all classrooms on their calendar, you can assign him/her to the classroom(s) as a "Teacher."  Otherwise, it is not necessary to do this since Administrators automatically have access to all aspects of every classroom in your account.