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Centralized School Calendar

The MC Calendar makes it easy to keep the entire school community up-to-date.  Calendar events are organized into 3 categories:

  • Individual:  Events viewable by the designated user(s).  You can add events for staff members, parents, and even yourself!
  • School:  Events viewable by everyone - all staff & parents.
  • Classroom:  Events viewable by members of the classroom - teachers & parents.  By default, Planned Lessons are also posted to the Classroom calendar.  This feature can be disabled by an Administrator in the Communication Center/Calendar tab.

On your Calendar page, you can view the current week-at-a-glance.  If you want to change the date, simply click on the calendar icon in the upper right. You can also view an annual list of events by clicking the "Annual School Calendar" link in the upcoming events module.  This annual calendar contains upcoming school events and can be downloaded as a PDF and printed.  

Events that have descriptions will be underlined. You can click to expand and view the description. 

Editing Calendar
Go to <Calendar> and click the "View all events" link at the top next to the date. 
You can Add/Edit/Delete events.  If you have recurring events, click the Copy link and select a new date. You can toggle between future/past events and also filter the list by type of participation (All School, Classroom, or Individual). 

Adding Events to Calendar

Go to <Calendar> and click the "Add Event" button. 

*There is a single school calendar and events are made viewable (or non-viewable) based on the recipients. Events are as private as you want them to be. If you choose "All School," that means all staff members and parents will be able to view the event. If you choose a specific Classroom, all parents and staff members in that classroom can view the event. You can choose an individual user (parent or staff member) or multi-select a hand-picked group of recipients. If you choose only your own name, then only you can view the event. 

School Closings and Additional School Days

For holidays and other school closings, go to <Calendar> and click the "View all events" link. Then select the School Days tab. Click the "New School Day" button and enter the name of the event and the date range (either single day or multi-day). The default day type is "school closed".  Click the "Create School Day/Range" button to create your school closing.  Two things will happen:
  1. The school closing will publish to the calendar and will be shared with the entire school community.
  2. The Classroom Dashboard will be disabled on the selected day(s).  The system will treat this regularly scheduled school day the same as it does a weekend.  So there is no attendance, record keeping, etc. available for this day.
*If you wish to catch up on record keeping or get ahead on lesson planning on a day when your school is closed, simply change the date in the upper right corner of the page to one when school was (or will be) in session.  Now all record keeping features will function normally. Alternatively, you could simply create the "No School" day as a Calendar Event rather than a School Closed Day. This will allow all record keeping features to function normally, and Attendance will not be counted unless you record the students as either Present, Tardy, or Absent.
**In the unusual event you need to make up school days on a weekend (i.e. too many snow days and you need to have school on a Saturday), you can change the day type to "Additional School Day".  This will enable you to do record keeping on a weekend or other non-school day.