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Can teachers edit curriculum?

Curriculum is a very important area of the site, as it affects all users of the school's account.  Therefore, after much consideration it was decided that editing curriculum would be an administrator-level feature only. 

Should the Account Owner wish to grant teachers the ability to manage curriculum on their own, there is an option to upgrade a Teacher profile to "Curriculum Editor".  Administrator users are able to upgrade or downgrade Teacher users at anytime.  Please note that when upgraded to "Curriculum Editor", the teacher profile will have full curriculum editing capabilities. Please  CLICK HERE to learn how to edit the curriculum.

Teachers that do NOT have Curriculum Editor status can add Custom Lessons at any time from their <Lessons> page.  These will be saved in the "Custom Curriculum" category, organized by classroom, until an Administrator (or authorized Curriculum Editor) chooses to move them into a permanent curriculum category (optional step).  To learn more about this feature  CLICK HERE.