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Create / Edit Student Profiles

Only Administrative-level users are able to create new student profiles directly in the system or edit existing student profiles. Teacher-level users can view student profiles of children in the classroom to which he/she is assigned, but are not able to create/edit student profiles. Alternatively you may wish to Import Your Student/Parent Data in Bulk via Spreadsheet.


Click <More> and select <Student Profiles>.  Click the "Add Student" button to create a new student profile.


Enter information into the required fields, which are indicated by a red star. This includes First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth.  It is not required, but we recommend selecting a Cycle Year for each student at this time in order to enable short cuts for Record Keeping.

All other information is optional and can be added or edited later by clicking on the student's name under Student Profiles and then the "Edit Student Profile" button.

When done, click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom to create the new Student Profile or save your changes to an existing profile.


STEP 3: Adding a Student Profile Photo (Optional) 

Go to <More/Student Profiles> and select a student by clicking on a name. Then click the "Edit Student Profile" button at the bottom. In the upper right corner (where the profile silhouette was), you will see an option to "Choose File." Click that button and select a photo from your computer/device. The file name will appear, but the photo will not appear until you click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the profile page. This will initiate the photo upload, and you'll see the photo processing. It will display automatically once the uploading is complete.

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