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Error: Email address is currently linked to another MC user profile

"Sorry! This email address is currently linked to another MC user profile. If you don't see this email being used on your school account, it has been linked to another school account. The email address must be removed from the prior account first to be used on your account. Please create the profile using an alternate email address, request that the user remove their email from the prior account, or contact MC Support for further assistance."

The email address serves as the username in order to login to MC, therefore it must be unique. If you see the above notification when creating a new user profile, then the email address is presently attached to another user profile. It you don't see the email address attached to a user profile at your school, then it is attached to another MC school account. In most cases, this parent is transferring to your school from a different school that was also using MC. Sometimes, parents will mistakenly create their own MC trial account. Regardless, the email address needs to be removed from the other account to be used on your account.

*Please remember that staff members that are also parents will need to have 2 unique email addresses. We recommend a school email address for the staff profile and a personal email address for the parent profile.

In the situation where a parent profile is linked to another school account, we recommend the following: 

Create the parent profile on your account using a temporary placeholder email. Example: parentname @ It doesn't have to be a real email, just "unique" to serve as the temporary username. Connect the parent to the student profile and then they can login and begin receiving updates from your school right away, instead of waiting to clear up the email issue. The parent can then change their email address on their own by clicking the "My Profile" link in the upper right corner. They can choose to use an alternate personal email address or if they want to use the same email, there are 2 options:

  1. If the parent profile at the former school has not been deactivated yet, they can try to login to their old MC profile. If they don't know the password, click the forgot password link and a reset link will be sent to them (if the parent profile is still active). They can then change the email address at the old school, which will then make the primary email available to be used on your account.
  2. The parent (or the school) can contact the former school, asking them to remove the email. All the former school needs to do is visit <More/Users> and either delete the parent profile or change the email address associated with the parent's profile by at least one character. Please note that "deactivating" the parent profile will only lock them out, not remove the email from our database, and therefore, will not resolve the issue.