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Error: Outside of Current School Year - Editing School Year Manager

"Greetings! It looks like you are attempting to do some record keeping on a date that is outside the school year. Please visit More->School Profile->School Year Manager. You can easily adjust the date for your school year. Should you have any questions, please contact your friendly MC Support staff!"

If you see the above notification when attempting to use the Classroom Dashboard, then you are outside of the current "active" school year. Please go to <More/School Profile> and select the School Year Manager tab. The current "active" school year is listed at the top.

All classroom data (i.e. record keeping, lesson planning, attendance, observations, trackers, etc.) can be edited for any day between the start/end dates of the current active school year. Should you wish to back-date records or edit prior records, you can always do so by changing the date in the upper right.  However, any date outside of the active school year is not available to be edited. Administrator-level users can click the "edit" link next to the active school year to change the start/end dates at anytime, which would then enable you to edit records on the date you are seeking. Changes to the current active school year can be done anytime, even if you just need to do a temporary back-dating entry.

Moving forward, there are 2 approaches for you to consider. The first is to maintain traditional school years. Your start date is the first day of school and the end date is the last day of school. When the school year is over, you click the red "finish" link next to the active school year. This will effectively create a filter for the prior school year and create a new active school year (you can edit the start/end dates of the new school year). The records from last year will not be editable, unless you edit the current active school year to include dates from the previous school year that is now closed. Records from a previous school year are also not displayed in your active record keeping pages or on the Grid. Only lessons recorded during the current school year will be displayed in these places. However, you will have a filter for the school year in a dropdown menu to allow you to view historical records in the Student Profiles.

The second approach, which is preferred by many schools, is to maintain a continuous, never-ending school year. All reporting has a start/end date, so the school year filter is optional. Keep your start date as the first day you started recording data in Montessori Compass and continue to push out your end date into the future for as long as you wish. This will provide you with maximum flexibility as you can always view or edit past records and enter new records anytime you wish.

Please note this is NOT a permanent decision you need to make. You can edit the start/end dates of the current "active" school year ANY time. So if you have finished school years and have created filters, you can simply ignore them and switch to the continuous school year option in the future. If you have opted to use the school year filters, you can also temporarily change the dates of the active school year should you need to back-date/edit the occasional item.