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Exporting Student Records

Did you know that it’s possible to export your student’s progress through the curriculum in a spreadsheet form?  MC makes it possible to examine your classroom’s progress through the curriculum in the context of the Montessori Scope and Sequence or the Common Core Standards at any time.  Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to <Reports> and under Academic Insights, click on either of the first two links "Classroom Progress At-A-Glance (Curriculum)" or "Classroom Progress At-A-Glance (Standards)"
  2. You will see data on each student’s progress through the category selected in the drop-down.  Depending on your choice in Step 1, it might be “Art, Music and Movement” or “(Kindergarten) CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.K.”  You can use the drop-downs to further narrow your views of your classroom’s progress through a specific curriculum (or standard) category, or you can download a spreadsheet with multiple data from multiple categories.  To download a spreadsheet, click the link at the upper right titled <Download .CSV file>.  
  3. Once you click the link you are able to select multiple sub-categories. Keep in mind that all lessons within selected sub-categories will be displayed on the downloaded spreadsheet.  You can choose whether you would prefer for the student names to be across the top or down the side of the spreadsheet, then click the <Download CSV> button.  The resulting spreadsheet displays your student’s data with numbers to represent how many stars were assigned as the assessment for that lesson (e.g. 2 = 2 stars, or "Working").

**This overview of your student’s progress through the curriculum can be helpful for lesson planning and/or remembering to update a student’s records.