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Filtering on the Grid

The Grid just got better! You can now filter the information you're viewing on the Grid to see just what you want! Whether you're looking for the macro bird's eye view of your whole class, or a micro up-close view of a small group of students, we've got you covered! You can even layer the filters to really narrow down your results to exactly what you're looking for. 

Go to the <Grid> and you will initially see ALL your students listed across the top, and ALL the lessons relevant to your classroom in the selected Category down the left side. This will give you the aerial view of your students' progress in that Category at a glance. You can see everyone's highest level of assessment as well as any Lesson Ideas you have marked for each child. 

But let's say you only want to focus on your first year students at the moment without the older students mixed in. Just click on the Filter icon in the upper right corner and a panel will appear with various filtering options. You can check the box next to a specific cycle year in your classroom, or even a Tag group that you have created for record keeping shortcuts (i.e. Math Group, Reading Group, Afternoon Group, etc.). The students NOT in the group or cycle year you selected will be hidden from view, and you can now focus on just the students you are working with at the moment.

You can also filter the lessons you are viewing to minimize the list of curriculum being displayed in the Grid. Perhaps you just want to see the lessons for which you have an Idea marked for at least one student. Or maybe you want to focus on what your students have NOT been introduced to yet. You can even layer multiple filters to see only the "Math" lessons you have marked as "Ideas" for your "Afternoon Group" students. When you're done with that task, just click the "x" next to the Filter icon to clear all filters, or click on the Filter itself to apply different or additional filters.

There will be even more filtering/sorting options coming in the future, so keep an eye on this new feature!