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Introduction to Montessori Compass Video (Full-length)

Intro to Montessori Compass Session (31m 7s) from Montessori Compass on Vimeo.

This video is a recording of the Introduction to Montessori Compass webinar. This session is perfect for both 1st-time and long-time users, seeking an overview of the many new features we've launched in the past year. The total video length is 31 minutes, 7 seconds. If you are seeking to learn about specific topics, please follow the outline below and fast forward the video to the appropriate time.

(0 to 11 min 35 sec)

  • Create Classroom (Required for Quick-start)
  • Create Student (Required for Quick-start)
  • Student Cards
  • Lesson Ideas
  • Planned Lessons/Work Plans
  • Adding Lesson Notes
  • Record Keeping Shortcuts (cycle years and student tags)
  • Edit record keeping entry

(11 min 40 sec)

  • Classroom Card
  • Planned/Recorded Lessons
  • Weekly Work Plan
  • Lesson Search
  • Browse Curriculum

(15 min)

  • Grid
  • Consuming real-time assessments for each child
  • Record Keeping
  • Lesson Ideas
  • History Log - Deleting and Editing Recorded Lessons

(20 min 20 sec)

  • Observations (private and shared with parents)
  • Activity Reports
  • Trackers

(25 min 30 sec)

  • Attendance
  • Messaging (click-tracking and retract features)
  • Calendar - creating/sharing events
  • Photos - creating/sharing photo albums