New Assessment Filters on the Grid | montessoricompass1

New Assessment Filters on the Grid

We are excited to introduce 2 new assessment filters to the Grid! The new date filter will allow you to filter out any lessons recorded prior to certain dates, Sept. 1, Aug. 1, and Jan. 1, of each year your account has been active. Now you a choice to view the "All Time" history (default) of your students' record keeping, or only what has been recorded this school year. And, you can switch between them anytime.
The second new filter gives you the option to display the "highest" recorded level (default) or the "most recent" assessment level recorded for each lesson. That way, if a child had once mastered something (or perhaps a previous teacher recorded it as mastered), but now they are working on it again, the most recent assessment can be displayed instead of the highest overall.