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Overview of Communication Settings

As the Account Owner, or Administrator in charge of setting up your new MC account, it is important for you to go over the different communication options we provide and select your preferences. By default, all communications are turned off until you turn them on. And they can be changed at any time in the future, so don't worry about making the wrong decision now. However, it is always easier to offer more features or more frequent communication as time goes on, than to scale it back once parents have had access to more.

To set your communication preferences, go to <More> and select <Communication Center>. Each of the 5 tabs here will allow you to control the availability of that feature and/or the frequency with which that information is shared with parents. These features include  InvitationsEmail NotificationsMessagingCalendar, and Activity Reports. Please see the related articles on each tab for specific details on setting these preferences.