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Parent Communication

The Parent Communication tab is accessed through the <Observations> page. It functions nearly the same as the Observations tab - with one big difference. Any notes you enter here will be shared with parents via the optional Activity Reports (which are managed in <More/Communication Center>). To learn more, read about  sharing Activity Reports with parents.

While it may not be practical to record an anecdotal note for every child in the classroom everyday, it is a good practice to consider entering a brief note in your classroom box each day, or week, depending on the frequency setting of your reports. If you have opted in to the Activity Reports, this single note will be shared with all parents of children in the classroom. This makes it a great place to enter newsletter-type information and any other updates or reminders you may wish to share with everyone. You can then add personalized student notes on an as-needed basis. 



You also have access to the Activity Report Summary via the Parent Communication tab. This summary will provide you with a real-time status of all Activity Reports in your classroom. You can preview the report to see what the report will look like to parents. You can send reports manually and view which parents have read the report along with a timestamp showing when it was opened. It is recommended that you monitor the summary, each time you send an Activity Report. It is also possible to view all Activity Reports sent for an individual child in their Student Profile/More/Activity Reports. From this location, the reports that have been read by a parent show in regular font, while the ones that have not yet been read are in bold text.