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Plan a Lesson

In Montessori Compass, you have "Planned Lessons" and "Unplanned Lessons". You can record unplanned lessons at any time via the Grid, Quick Add, or the Lessons page. However, if you wish to plan a lesson for a specific date - you will want to utilize the lesson planning feature.
If you know which lesson you want to plan, the quickest way to do it is to use the Quick Add tool. Just click on the green plus sign icon wherever you see it (top of Grid, Trackers Grid, and Calendar, as well as in the left-side navigation panel) to begin a Quick Add entry. You can leave the entire classroom selected or choose individual students to participate in the lesson. Then click in the lesson field, start typing the name of the lesson, and select it from the dropdown list when you see it. Last step is to choose the date for which you want to plan the lesson, and click "Save."

You will find "Plan this Lesson" links in a variety of places throughout the Classroom Management features, including all record keeping pages and anywhere you can view the Scope & Sequence.



When you click the "Plan this Lesson" link, the system will open up a new window/tab. This is done so it does not disrupt your workflow. When you save the planned lessons, the window closes and you will return to where you started. 

Lesson Planning Process:


Other ways to plan a lesson:




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