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Quick Add

Now you can access all the core record keeping features in one convenient location! The new Quick Add feature is currently available through the web AND THE MOBILE APP!

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To access this convenient new tool, just click the plus sign in the green circle. You’ll find this in the left-side navigation panel, as well as at the top of the Grid page. Then, you can enter as much or as little information as you like to record what you want. The bottom of the Quick Add panel will tell you exactly what you are saving and where it will be saved. For example: if you select a student and enter a note in the Observation box, it will be saved as an Observation for that student. Checking the box to “Share with Parents” will convert it to a Parent Communication. If you add a lesson to the entry, the Observation will be converted to a Lesson Note. Photos added to the entry will be saved in the selected student's new Activity Album (private or shared, as selected on the Quick Add entry). We anticipate Trackers being added soon to the Quick Add feature. 



All information entered through Quick Add will be stored and accessible in the usual places for that information. Recorded Lessons will immediately update the Grid and also display on the Student Cards and in the Student Profiles/Records tab (with or without Lesson Notes, as entered). A note saved as an Observation for a student (or multiple students) will immediately display in the Observation box for that student(s). If you don’t select a student, the information will be saved for the entire class, i.e. a lesson will be recorded for all students in the class or a note will be saved either as an Observation (or a Parent Communication) in the Classroom box on the appropriate page.



As part of this new feature, we are also introducing an addition to the Photos page. You will now see the option at the top of your screen to view “Custom Albums” (which are the albums you have created intentionally in your account) or “Activity Albums.” The new Activity Albums will be created automatically as you make entries for each student through the Quick Add feature. Each Classroom and student will get 2 designated photo albums on the Activity page, one private and one shared, as Quick Add entries are saved for your students. The albums are color coded, just like the Observations/Parent Communication boxes, to indicate which one is private and which one is viewable by parents. Parents will automatically have access to their child’s Shared Activity Album.

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