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Quick Start Step 5: Student Cards - Lesson Ideas

Lesson Ideas are super flexible and a great tool for pre-planning. You know those lessons you feel a child will be ready for soon, but you don't know the exact date for which to plan it? Mark it as a Lesson Idea! This is a great way to lay out some goals for each of your students! 

From the <Students> page, just click on a student and the first thing you'll see is their list of Lesson Ideas. You'll see the Ideas you marked from the Grid (QS Step 4) nested under each Category name. But you can also add Ideas to this list right here on the Student Card. To mark a lesson as an Idea, just select a Category and Sub-Category of the curriculum, and then click on the lightbulb icon to the far right of a lesson you would like to present to this child in the near future. For the purposes of this Quick Start, go ahead and turn on several Lesson Ideas for this student (whether in the same category or different ones). 

Lesson Ideas can be planned for a specific date once the timeline is more clear to you by clicking the "Plan this lesson" link to the right of the lesson name. You'll be taken to the New Lesson Plan page where the classroom and lesson name are already selected for you. Choose a date to present this lesson, and then your students will appear (for the purposes of this Quick Start, we recommend choosing a date for the current week). Select any students for whom you wish to plan this lesson (will be saved together as a group lesson), and then click the "Create Lesson Plan" button at the bottom.

You can also record lessons straight from the Ideas list by clicking on a star to the right of the lesson name. Go ahead and click the first star ("Presented") next to one of your Lesson Ideas now. Once recorded, the lesson is automatically removed from the Ideas list. However, if you'd like to tag the lesson for follow-up later on, you can always turn the lightbulb back on, adding it to the Ideas list once again.