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Quick Start Step 6: Student Cards - Planned Lessons

You've already planned a few lessons from the Lesson Ideas page on a Student Card. Now let's see what these lessons look like laid out for the week.

Go to <Student Cards> and select a student that you've been working with. Click the "Planned" link at the top of the page to view Planned Lessons for this student. The first area to check out is the 5-day calendar view of lessons planned for this child. You can filter this information by category and/or by specific date range. 

Directly under the calendar view, you'll see the Planned Lessons listed by date, with actions available to the right of each one. Let's try out recording a Planned Lesson! Just click the "Record this lesson" link next to one of the Planned Lessons for this student. This will take you straight to the record keeping page for this lesson where the student's name is already selected. While on this page, you can also add other students to the record at this time (if this was a group lesson, or if other students have also done this lesson and you want to document it), edit the assessment level, enter a lesson note, or mark a Lesson Idea for another student who may be ready for this lesson soon. Once recorded, this lesson will be removed from both the Lesson Ideas list (if it had been marked as an Idea) AND the Planned Lessons list. You will now find this lesson on the Recorded Lessons list. It will also be stored in the Student's Profile/Records tab.