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Quick Start Step 7: Student Cards - Recorded Lessons

Alright, now you've marked Lesson Ideas and recorded lessons from the Grid, and explored Lesson Ideas and Planned Lessons on the Student Cards. Let's take a look at the Recorded Lessons on a Student Card. 

Go to <Student Cards> and click on a student that you've been working with. Then click the "Recorded" link at the top of the page to view lessons recorded for this week.

Just like on the Planned lessons page, you will see the 5-day calendar view at the top displaying all Recorded lessons for those days, whether planned first or not. Then, all those Recorded lessons will be listed below, grouped by the date for which they were recorded. If you'd like to edit a lesson you recorded (for example, change an assessment level or add a lesson note), simply click the "Edit Record Keeping" link to the right of the lesson displayed in the list section, and make your changes. They will be saved automatically.