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Sharing Activity Reports

An Activity Report can include recorded lessons, trackers, and classroom or personal notes entered by the teacher on the Parent Communication Tab found on your <Observations> page. If your Administrator has turned on the recurring frequency setting, the reports will be sent automatically according to the scheduled time period. In order for this to happen, there must be at least one lesson, tracker, or note entered for the child BEFORE the set cutoff time for the period of the report. If new or additional information is added after that time, the Teacher or Administrator has the ability to send the report manually by going to <Observations> and selecting the Parent Communication tab. Click the "Activity Reports Summary" link on the Classroom card, and for any unsent reports with eligible information in it, there will be a link in the status column to "Send now." If a report has already been sent, and new information is added, the report will be automatically updated with the most current information available in the system. Parents will not get a new notification regarding changes made to a report, but if they login and view the report after the changes are made, what they see will reflect the changes. 


Learn more about selecting your settings for Activity Reports and how they work.