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Sharing Photos with Parents

Photos are shared with parents by album, not by individual photos within an album. So, the first thing to consider is whether you want to share photos with a classroom (all parents of that classroom would see all photos in the album) or by individual student (only a student's parents would see his/her photos). Create your albums accordingly - an album for each classroom and/or each student. Then you can upload your photos to the appropriate album(s). If you select to create individual albums for each child, you can still minimize the uploading process by uploading all photos into a main classroom album (even if it's not shared with anyone), and then duplicate the photos into their respective individual albums. To do this, click the "Edit all photos" link under the cover photo in the album, and under each photo, select the appropriate child's album name in the "Album" field. Remember to save your changes by clicking the "Update Album" button at the bottom of the screen.

To share an album with parents, just open the album by clicking on it. Then click the "Edit album" link under the cover photo. In the "Add recipients" field, select the student or group with whom you want to share the album, and then "Update Album" to save the changes.

Sharing permissions work as follows:
  • Administrators can see all photo albums, so there is no need to share with them specifically.
  • Teachers can see photo albums for any album he/she creates, as well as any student currently assigned to their classroom. So, there is no need to share an album with a Teacher unless it is for a student not currently enrolled in their class.
  • Sharing an album with a Classroom group will include all parents attached to all students in that classroom, as well as the teachers assigned to the classroom.
  • Sharing an album with a Student name will allow any/all parents attached to that student to view the album. The teacher of the student can automatically see the album, so it is not necessary to share it with him/her specifically.