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Student Profile - Family Tab

The Family Tab in a Student's Profile contains any Parent/Guardians attached to that student, as well as any Emergency Contacts and other adults approved for Authorized Pickup. Parent/Guardians must be created as "Users" of the system, whereas Emergency Contacts and Authorized Pickups do not need to be Users. Their names and contact information will simply be entered into the Student Profile/Family Tab, and can then be displayed on a printed Emergency Contact/Authorized Pickup Report. 

To create new Parent/Guardian profiles, please go to <More> and select <Users> from the options provided. Once the profile has been created, Parent/Guardians will not be able to view data until they are attached to the appropriate Student Profile(s).  

Attaching Parent / Guardian Profile to a Student Profile

Go to <More/Student Profiles> and select a student by clicking on their name. Then go to the "Family" tab. Select the Parent/Guardian name from the dropdown menu (you may use the search tool to narrow down the list), select a relationship (optional), and click the "Attach Parent/Guardian" button. This user profile is now attached to the Student Profile and will be able to view anything you share that is related to this student and his/her classroom(s). This includes messages, calendar events, photos, Activity Reports, and Progress Reports. 

If a parent has more than 1 student at your school, the parent's profile will need to be attached to each Student Profile individually. You can add multiple Parent/Guardian users to each Student Profile. If you wish to revoke access to a user, click the "Detach" link. That Parent/Guardian will no longer be able to view any information regarding that student.

Emergency Contacts and Authorized Pickups

Extended Family Members are NOT users of the system. They are not going to login to your MC account unless you create Parent/Guardian user profiles for them. Extended Family Members are commonly Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, friends, neighbors, etc. whose contact information you would like to keep handy. You can designate them as Authorized Pickups and/or Emergency Contacts by clicking the appropriate box(es). You may then run a printable Emergency Contact / Authorized Pickup report via <Reports/Classroom Reports>.