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Student Profile List Management

To view a list of all students in your school, go to <More> and select <Student Profiles> from the menu options.  There are multiple ways in which to filter this list to make it easier to manage a large volume of students. You can also combine multiple filters. 

Search by Name

The first filter on the Student Profiles page is a search bar which will filter your students according to the name you begin typing in the field. In the screen shot below, the letters "mar" were entered and the student list if filtered down to " Maria" and "Marcus". Click on either name to go directly to that profile. 

Filter by Custom Student Tag

The next option is to sort by custom student tags. This box will only be available if student tags have been created. For example, you may wish to quickly identify students based on a certain tag (e.g. Photo Release). Selecting this tag will filter your student list down to those who have been tagged to this custom criteria. You may then print or download the list for custom reporting. 

Filter by Classroom Name

The next option is to sort by classroom name. All classrooms in the school will display in list. Select a classroom name and only students assigned to that classroom will be displayed. 

Filter by Student Status

The default view will display "Active" students. These students are presently enrolled and are available for record keeping in their assigned classroom. If you wish to view the profile of a student you have "archived" or made "inactive," you will need to select that status in the last filter on the main students list to view the profiles having that particular status. "Inactive" and "Archived" students are not currently enrolled and not available for record keeping. Inactive students are typically used for prospective students who will start school at a later time.  Archived students are typically former students who have moved to a different school. Our billing structure is based on the number of active students only. There is no charge for Inactive or Archived students. You may retain your historical data for Archived students for as long as you wish.