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The Grid

We are so thrilled to introduce you to the GRID! This exciting new feature is going to make your record keeping a breeze! Now you're able to see a true bird's eye view of your entire classroom's progress in each category of the curriculum all in one place. You'll see where each of your students stand on each lesson in the selected category using the triangle notation to indicate their highest recorded assessment level. And you can take action on this information right here on the Grid! You are able to record multiple lessons for any/all of your students as well as mark Lesson Ideas, all with just a few clicks. Let's see how it works...
Go to <Grid> and select a category of the curriculum with which you'd like to work. If you want to back-date lessons for a previous date, select that date from the calendar in the upper left before clicking in any boxes. If you don't select a different date, the lessons you record will be saved for today's date. Click in any box and a check mark will appear in the lower left corner. You can choose an action for this box now, or continue checking additional boxes for other students and/or lessons. Please keep in mind, you will be assigning the same assessment level to all selected boxes at once. As soon as one box has been selected, the Action Bar will appear at the top with your options to record the lesson(s) or mark them as Lesson Ideas. Click on the desired icon in the Action Bar, and the checked boxes will populate with that selection. Once this happens, the boxes will turn yellow, showing that they are still in "edit mode." This means that you are able to select any yellow box again and change the assessment given, overwriting the previous assessment. Only the final assessment will be recorded in the Student's Profile. Once you navigate away from that page, the records will be saved, and you can move on to your next task or begin a new session of record keeping.

The Grid is populated with the curriculum as it is designed in your account, whether the original curriculum we provided or a customized version of your own. As you scroll down, you'll be able to access any lesson in a particular category that is relevant to your classroom. You're able to jump ahead to a specific lesson by typing it into the search filter in the upper left corner of the Grid. This will simply allow you to jump to the selected lesson, but then you can continue scrolling through or back to others in that category.
Now, let's say that you realize you mistakenly recorded a lesson for a student and you want to delete it. Deleting lessons has never been easier! Just click the "History Log" link in the upper right corner and a panel will be revealed showing all the lessons recorded in that category for the past 2 days. You'll have the ability to work your way back as well, 2 days at a time, and delete mistakes. You can also click on the "Edit" icon next to a student's name to edit that record keeping entry with additional elements or lesson notes.