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Updating Existing Student/Parent Profiles in Bulk via Spreadsheet

Editing student and parent profiles in bulk can be done via a spreadsheet. This is the most efficient way to edit a high volume of profiles and is particularly useful between school years when students move to the next cycle year/grade or classroom.

Go to <More/Student Profiles> and adjust your filters at the top as needed to narrow the list of students down to those you need to update. You can filter by an individual classroom or select the "All Classrooms" options to have all students on the same spreadsheet. Then click the "Download as .csv" link in the upper right corner. You now have a spreadsheet that displays all the selected student/parent profile information as it is currently in your account.

If you wish to edit an existing student profile, it is important  NOT to make any changes to the student's first name, last name, or date of birth. Changes to any of those fields will result in the creation of a duplicate student profile - which you do not want. If you need to change any of those items, please do so directly in the system via the student profile edit page before you download the spreadsheet.

You may then edit all other fields including: cycle year, classroom(s), days of the week, arrival/departure times, etc. If you wish to attach a child to multiple classrooms, please enter a classroom name followed by a comma and a space. For example: Primary Classroom, Aftercare Program, Music Program. This example would attach the child to 3 different classrooms.

If you wish to edit a parent profile, you may do this as well. The email address serves as the username to login, therefore it must be unique. Similar to changing a student name or birthday, changing the email address on the spreadsheet will result in a duplicate parent profile. If you need to change the email address, please do so directly in the system via My Backpack/Users profile edit page before you download the spreadsheet.

You may then edit all other fields including: address, phone, etc.

Once you are finished editing the student and/or parent profile information, please send the completed spreadsheet back to us at

We will then import the spreadsheet into your account. Please note that any changes you make on the spreadsheet will OVERWRITE the information in the existing profiles. If you need to update this in the future, just download a new spreadsheet again, make your changes, and send to MC support.

*You may also import NEW student/parent profile on the same spreadsheet. Just add new student/parent info to the bottom of the spreadsheet. When you submit the spreadsheet via email, just let us know the file contains both updates to existing profiles and new student information.