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What is the Student Directory?

The Student/Parent Directory will provide a list of student names and corresponding Parent/Guardian names, organized by classrooms. We do NOT share any private contact info (i.e. email, phone #, mailing address, etc.) This is a directory that functions within Montessori Compass and is designed to make it easy for Parents/Guardians to correspond for school or classroom events, birthday parties, PTO meetings, etc. Parents will see the Directory link when they login to the system. They can then choose to send a message to another parent's MC account.

If you don't wish to offer this feature, a School Administrator has the ability to disable the Student Directory in <More/Communication Center> on the Messaging tab. If you want to display the Student Directory but disable parent-to-parent messaging, your parents will still have access to the names of the students in their child's classroom along with their parents' names, but they won't be able to contact them through MC.