Why is a Parent not receiving email notifications? | montessoricompass1

Why is a Parent not receiving email notifications?

There are many reasons why a parent would not receive an email notification, so advising them to keep MC open on their smartphone can be very helpful.  If parents are not receiving the notifications, then one of the following is likely happening: 

  1. No new data was entered for their child in advance of the school designated send time.
  2. The user received the email but didn't see it, open it, or ignored it. 
  3. The school has the incorrect email listed for the parent.
  4. The parent is not correctly attached to the child in the Student's Profile.
  5. The parent or child was made "inactive" by a school administrator.
  6. The parent unsubscribed from the MC email list (we use a 3rd party email service and an unsubscribe option is required for anti-spam regulations.)
  7. The email was spam-blocked.
  8. The email was blocked by the user's mail server. 

If the problem is not corrected after you have verified the accuracy of numbers 1-5 above, and the user has checked their email spam folder, please contact us at support@montessoricompass.com to further investigate this issue. Be sure to include the email address of the user profile in question.