Quick Add Overview

You can access all the core record keeping features in one convenient location! The Quick Add feature is currently available through the web and the mobile app, however the web version is a more powerful option.

To access this convenient tool, just click the plus sign in the green circle. You’ll find this in the left-side navigation panel, as well as at the top of the Grid, Trackers Grid, Calendar, and Photos pages. You can enter as much or as little information as you like in each entry. After clicking the "Save" button, you will be shown a confirmation screen listing the information that was entered and where it was saved. While you are able to enter various types of information together in this tool, each type of information will be saved in its own respective feature, and shared (or not shared) according to the settings for that feature in your account. 

Below is a list of the record keeping features available through the Quick Add, where the information will be saved, and if/how it will be shared:

Record Lessons - saved in Student Profile, Student Cards, and Grid; shared with parents on Activity Report IF Activity Reports are turned on and recorded lessons are selected to be included (settings for these are made in <More/Communication Center/Activity Reports tab>). Lessons recorded via Quick Add will be given the date that is selected on the Grid at the time of your Quick Add entry.

Lesson Notes - saved with the recorded lesson in the Student Profile; NOT SHARED WITH PARENTS, even if the recorded lessons are shared on reports.

Plan Lessons - select a date rather than an assessment triangle, planned lesson will be displayed on Calendar as well as Student Cards page. If your account is set to share planned lessons with parents, then they will be able to see those on their Calendar.

Teacher Note (planned lesson) - will be displayed as a note with a Planned Lesson to convey any unique details or instructions about the lesson plan.

Select Elements - select one or multiple Elements of a lesson to plan OR record (available in web version of Quick Add only)

Trackers - saved in the Student Profile; shared with parents on Activity Reports (if sharing reports) based on the setting selected for that Tracker Category (you can check/edit these settings in <Trackers> by clicking the "Edit Trackers" link at the top of the page). If not sharing Activity Reports, no Trackers will be shared with parents. Trackers recorded via Quick Add will be given the current day's date.

Tracker Comments - saved with recorded Tracker; shared with parents on Activity Reports IF Activity Reports are shared AND the Tracker is listed in a category set to be "Shared with Parents."

Observation (Private) - saved in Student Profile and displayed on <Observations> page on the Observations (Private) tab; NOT SHARED WITH PARENTS

Observation (Shared) - saved in Student Profile and displayed on <Observations> page on the Parent Communication (Shared) tab; shared with parents on Activity Reports IF Activity Reports are shared with parents.

Photos - saved in student or classroom Activity Album; photo saved in private Activity Album if "Share Photo with Parents" box is NOT checked, photo saved in shared Activity Album if "Share Photo with Parents" box IS checked. Multiple photos may be selected and uploaded together in the web version of Quick Add, but the mobile app version only allows one photo to be selected at a time.

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