Record a Tracker via Quick Add

Here's how to use the Quick Add tool to record a Tracker.

  1. Click the Quick Add button at the top of the Record Keeping Grid, Trackers Grid, or Calendar page.
  2. Click in the Students field, and select one or more students for whom you want to record a Tracker. Or keep the classroom name selected to record a Tracker for the entire class at once.
  3. Click the "Add Tracker" link to open up that option.
  4. Select a Tracker from the first dropdown menu by scrolling or typing a part of the Tracker you want to record. Select it when you see it in the list.
  5. Enter an optional Tracker Comment. Note: If the Tracker is set up to be shared with parents on Activity Reports, then the comment will also be shared. If the Tracker is not set to be shared, then the comment will also remain private.
  6. Click the green "Save" button to record the entry.

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