Record an Observation via Quick Add

Observations can be private, visible only to Teachers or Administrators, or they can be shared with parents on Activity Reports. Here's how to use the Quick Add tool to record an Observation (Private or Shared):

  1. Click the Quick Add button at the top of the Record Keeping Grid, Trackers Grid, or Calendar page.
  2. Click in the Students field, and select one or more students for whom you want to record an Observation. Or keep the classroom name selected to record an Observation for the entire class as a whole.
  3. Click the "Add Observation" link to open up that option.
  4. Enter your note in the appropriate Observation box. The white box is for "Private" notes that will never be made visible to parents. The yellow box is for "Shared" notes that will be added to the next Activity Report.
  5. Click the green "Save" button to record the entry.


  • Shared Observations are saved to the <Observations/Parent Communications (Shared) tab> and can be edited or deleted from there, if necessary.
  • Shared Observations are ONLY shared IF Activity Reports are turned on for your classroom.
  • If sharing Activity Reports WEEKLY, we recommend beginning each Shared Observation note with the day of the week (or date) so that the parent will know to which day that note refers.

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