Upload Photos via Quick Add

The Quick Add provides a convenient way to upload photos to MC that can either be kept private (teacher/admin view only) or shared with parents. Photos can be uploaded in bulk or individually, and they can be uploaded along with additional information available in any Quick Add entry (i.e. lessons, trackers, observations). Photos uploaded via Quick Add will go into the new photo Activity Albums. Here's how to use the Quick Add tool to upload photos:

  1. Click the Quick Add button at the top of the Record Keeping Grid, Trackers Grid, or Calendar page.
  2. Click in the Students field, and select one or more students for whom you want to upload photos. Or keep the classroom name selected to upload photos to the Classroom Activity Album.
  3. Click in the box labeled "Photos" to open up your options menu.
  4. Select the photos you want to upload, and click "Done" or "Open." That will add the selected photos to the box on the Quick Add panel.
  5. Check the box to "Share Photos with Parents," or leave it unchecked to save the photos to a private Activity Album. 
  6. Click the green "Save" button to upload the photos.


  • Parents do not have access to their child's Private album, only Teachers and Administrators can see those. If you want parents to see the photos, be sure the check the box to "Share Photos with Parents."
  • The Shared Classroom album will be visible to ALL parents of students assigned to that classroom. Be conscious of students' individual photo privacy requests.
  • Activity Photo Albums are created automatically by the system for students as they are tagged in Quick Add entries. A Private album will be created the first time a student is tagged in any Quick Add entry, but the Shared album will only be created the first time you upload a photo for a child AND the box is checked to "Share Photos with Parents." 

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