Best Practices for Managing Parent Profiles

Archiving or deactivating a student does not automatically archive or deactivate the parents attached to the student. The Parent Profiles are their own entity, and since parents often have multiple children of different ages in the same school, it cannot be assumed that archiving one child means the parent no longer needs access. So, our "suggested best practices" when a student leaves your school are the following:

  1. Archive Student Profile. Student records can be stored indefinitely free of charge, as long as the profile is "archived" or "inactive." Inactive status is usually used for new students who have not yet started attending or those who are taking a break (long vacation or summer) and will return. Archived status is usually used when a student leaves and is not expected to return.
  2. Manage Parent Profiles. If you anticipate another child from the same family enrolling in your school, you can deactivate the parent profiles temporarily. If you do not anticipate the family staying or returning to your school, go ahead and DELETE the parent profiles from your account. You can still maintain the student's archived profile for as long as you want.
To deactivate or delete a parent profile, just go to <More/Users>, locate the parent's name, and click the desired link next to their profile. 

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