Communication Center: Messaging

Messaging is a convenient tool for members of the school community to stay in touch. This is internal messaging within the system, not regular email. You may choose to make this feature available for all users or to have more restricted access. By default, Administrators, Teachers, and Parents/Guardians are all able to message each other.  You can customize the settings to choose whether you want teachers to be able to message parents or parents to be able to message other parents. If you allow Teachers to message Parents, then Parents can also message Teachers. If you choose to disable that feature, Parents will still be able to message Administrators who could then relay the information to the appropriate Teacher(s). Also, Teachers and Administrators will always be able to message each other. Learn how to Create a Custom Communications Group for staff only.

You can also choose to leave enabled or disable the Student Directory.  The Student Directory will provide a list of student names and corresponding Parent/Guardian names, organized by classrooms. If you have Parent to Parent Messaging enabled, this directory will also provide a link next to each parent's name to send them a message. This message will go to their MC parent profile. We do NOT share any private contact info (i.e. email, phone #, etc.) This is designed to make it easy for Parents/Guardians to correspond for school events, PTO meetings, birthday parties, etc.

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