Edit a Student Profile

Whether you need to update a child's allergies, correct a birthdate, change a classroom assignment or cycle year, or archive the profile because the child left your school, you can do any of these tasks and more by editing the student profile.  Only an Administrator has the ability to create or edit a Student Profile. To make any changes to an existing Student Profile, just 

  1. Go to <More/Student Profiles>.
  2. Select the student's name.
  3. Click the green "Edit Student Profile" button.
  4. Make the desired changes.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and "Save Changes."

Note: If you do not see the green "Edit Student Profile" button when you click on a child's name, it means that your profile role does not have the ability to edit a student profile and you will need to ask an Administrator to do it for you.

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