Back-date Lessons on the Grid

Whether you want to record a lesson you forgot to enter yesterday, or update a batch of your students' previous progress in bulk, the Grid is the answer for all your back-dating needs. 

Just click on the calendar icon in the upper left corner of the Grid, select the date for which you want to record lessons, and then any record keeping you do after that will be recorded for the date you selected. 
A couple of tips:
  • If you navigate away from the Grid, the date you selected there will carry over to the other pages. So, if you need to switch back to the current date you will need to do so manually.
  • If you don't want the lessons you are back-dating to appear on a current Activity Report or Progress Report, make sure you choose a date prior to the date range for that particular report. This may require that you temporarily adjust your School Year Manager dates. Learn more about the School Year Manager here. [link article]
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