Assessment Filters on the Grid

There are 2 dropdown filters on the Record Keeping Grid that will allow you to filter your record keeping in various ways. The first one enables you to filter out any lessons recorded prior to certain dates, Sept. 1, Aug. 1, and Jan. 1, of each year your account has been active. You can choose to view the "All Time" history (default) of your students' record keeping, or only what has been recorded since the date you selected from the dropdown filter. And, you can switch between them anytime.

The second filter gives you the option to display the "highest" recorded level (default) or the "most recent" assessment level recorded for each lesson. One example of this being useful is if a child had once mastered something (or perhaps a previous teacher recorded it as mastered), but now they are working on it again. The most recent assessment can be displayed instead of the highest overall. Another scenario is when lessons have multiple Elements that a student may be working on at different levels (i.e. Mastered the first element, and just Presented the second element). This allows the teacher to view his/her most current assessments without removing any previous record keeping entries.

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