Create Classrooms

One of the first 2 steps in setting up your new account is creating your classrooms. We'll start by creating one here, but you can add as many classrooms as you like to your account, there are no limits.

  1. Go to <More/Classrooms> and click the green "New Classroom" button at the top.
  2. Enter a name for your classroom. 
  3. Customize the days of the week and the start and end times that class is in session (optional).
  4. Default attendance times are the arrival and departure times automatically populated on the Attendance page for each student. If you want all students in this class to have the same arrival/departure times as you have entered for the start/end times of the classroom, then choose Classroom Profile for the Default Attendance Time. If you want each student to have their own custom arrival/departure times populated, based on their own unique schedule, then choose Student Profile for the Default Attendance Time.
  5. Check the boxes next to ALL cycle years that will be included in THIS classroom. This is what determines the lessons displayed in the classroom's record keeping pages. You can always make changes to this later.
  6. Enter the max capacity of students for this classroom (optional).
  7. Click the green "Save Changes" button to create the classroom.

Pro Tips:
  • You can create classrooms for any time you need to track the location of students. For example, Before Care, After Care, and various afterschool activities. Then attendance can be recorded in each "classroom" to document where students are and when.
  • You can use classrooms as a way to create custom communication groups. For example, All Staff classroom, Lead Staff classroom, Assistant Staff classroom, etc. This will allow you to send messages and create calendar events for these groups without the need to tag each teacher individually every time.
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