User Profile Roles Explained

Here is a summary of the various capabilities and access granted to each User Profile role.

There is ONLY ONE Account Owner, who is the master of your Montessori Compass universe. This person is most often the Head of School, Director, or Principal. The Account Owner has access to everything. This means he/she can do anything and see everything that goes on in MC except for Messages sent between other users. Note: The Account Owner is the ONLY profile that has the ability to add or edit Administrator profiles. This profile cannot be deleted, however, it can be updated with a new name, email address, and password if necessary. The Account Owner profile was created automatically by the person who initiated the MC trial or subscription, so if this was a teacher you may want to consider changing this profile into the name of the Head of School (or generic admin name) and create a new Teacher profile for the former Account Owner. Learn more about changing the Account Owner's profile here.

Administrator users can do everything the Account Owner can do, EXCEPT create or edit other Administrator profiles.  He/she can:

  • create and edit Student, Teacher, Parent, and Classroom Profiles
  • add/edit calendar events
  • add/edit curriculum and category/material/lesson descriptions
  • plan/record lessons, observations, parent communications, and attendance for ALL CLASSROOMS
  • access the records, plans, and notes entered for ALL CLASSROOMS
  • upload and view ALL PHOTOS
  • adjust the settings and visibility for all communications done within MC school-wide
  • access billing history and update billing information for the account
  • edit School Profile and School Year Manager
  • create and edit Progress Reports for ALL CLASSROOMS

Teacher users have access only to information pertaining to the Classroom to which they are assigned and information shared with ALL SCHOOL.  This means that a Teacher CAN:

  • record attendance*
  • plan and record lessons*
  • record observations, trackers, and parent communications*
  • create/edit trackers
  • create/edit Progress Reports*
  • create photo albums and upload photos*
  • view photos (that he/she has uploaded or that have been shared with him/her)
  • create/edit calendar events*
  • communicate through Messaging with other Users, including Parents**

*only for those students/parents assigned to his/her classroom

**An Administrator can disable Teacher to Parent communication via Messaging

A Teacher CANNOT:

  • view activity recorded for students that are not assigned to his/her classroom
  • add/edit the School Profile, Classroom Profile, or communication settings
  • add/edit Student Profiles or other User profiles (other than his/her own profile)
  • add/edit Curriculum*

*An Administrator can upgrade a Teacher’s profile to the status of Curriculum Editor, which gives the Teacher the ability to add/edit curriculum. Keep in mind that any changes made to the Curriculum will be applied school-wide, and are not class-specific.  

Parent users can only view what you choose to share with them. And they will only be able to see information that pertains to their own child(ren). All information sharing and messaging abilities are controlled by an Administrator of your school’s MC account.

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