Curriculum Overview

Every Montessori Compass account is pre-loaded with Montessori Curriculum content based on the Cycle Years selected during the creation of the account.*  

Although the Montessori Compass software is able to support curriculum from Infant through Grade 12, the content provided as part of a collaboration with the Montessori Foundation, corresponds to Infant through Grade 6.  To learn more about the collaboration with the Montessori Foundation, and to view an online version of the  Scope and Sequence, follow the link provided.

The curriculum is structured in the following tiered format:

Category (e.g., Mathematics)

Sub-Category (e.g., Decimal System: 0 to 10)

Lesson/Material (e.g., Red and Blue Number Rods: 1 to 10)

Element(s) (defined measurable objective(s), e.g., Counts to 10 by units using the Red and Blue Number Rods).

Common Core State Standard(s) are mapped to the element and listed below.

 photo Curriculum_1_zps69c2d3e2.png

*If you wish to add additional cycle years of default curriculum, edit the cycle years selected in the School Profile and then contact our support team at to have your account re-synced with the database.

Curriculum is able to be viewed in three ways: as Lessons/Materials, Elements, and Standards.  In addition to a universal search box for locating lessons by key words, there are two filters available for narrowing the content.  The filters make it possible to select lessons based on a specific category and/or specific cycle year(s).

 photo Curriculum_2_zps831ef81c.png

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