Adding and Mapping Custom Standards

The Montessori Scope and Sequence (Infant - Age 12) provided in MC includes a mapping to the US Common Core State Standards (K-6) for Mathematics and Language Arts. You may choose to map to an alternate set of standards at anytime. Please note: this is a manual process.

The system does not have a correlation between the lesson/material and the standard. Instead, the system takes into account what the child was doing while working with a lesson/material. As you know, there are multiple purposes and aims for many Montessori lessons. "Elements" is the term used within MC to define these measurable learning objectives associated with a particular Lesson/Material. Therefore, the standards are mapped to the "Elements", not the Lesson/Material. 

Standards are set up in a 3-tier organization: Category - Sub-category (Strand) - Standard

To add standards to your account, please follow these steps:

1.  Create a new Standard category.

Go to <More/Curriculum> and select the Standards tab. (If you want to add a new standard to an existing Category, then skip to Step 2.) To create a new category, click the "Edit Standard Categories" link in the upper left.

2. Create a Standard Sub-category (Strand). 

If you've just created a new Standard Category click the "Curriculum" link in the upper left above the page heading to go back to the main Curriculum/Standards page (or go to <More/Curriculum/Standards tab> again as before). Click the name of the category you just created (or under which you wish to add a new sub-category or standard). Now you can click the "Add Sub-Category" button, enter a title, and select the location of the new sub-category in the sequence. Click "Create Sub-Category" to save the new changes.

3. Add an individual Standard.

Locate the Sub-Category in which you want the new standard to be listed, and click the "Add Standard" link that appears to the right as you mouse over each one. Enter a name for the Standard, select the grade levels for which it is appropriate, and choose it's location in the sequence of other standards. If you'd like to add a description or curriculum identifier, these fields are optional. Remember to click "Create Standard" to save your changes.

4.  Map Standards to Elements. 

Go to <More/Curriculum> and this time select the Elements tab. Locate the element to which you want to map a standard by using the search bar or by selecting the Category and Sub-Category under which the element is listed. Click on the element name to display the option for adding standards. Click "Add Standard" and enter any key words into the search bar to narrow the choices of standards to map to this element. Once you select the standard, click "Add Standard" again to attach it and save. You are able to attach multiple standards to any given element by repeating these steps.

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