Importing Custom Curriculum

You can create new lessons or groups of lessons directly in the system, but if you wish to add many lessons at once, it is much easier to do this via spreadsheet. We are able to automatically import your curriculum via spreadsheet if you carefully follow the format listed on the sample curriculum import template. 

Curriculum is organized in a 3-tier structure. For example:

Category:  Sensorial

        Sub-Category:  Visual Discrimination (Size and Dimension)

                Lesson/Material:  Pink Tower

                       Elements (*optional 4th tier): these are measurable learning objectives that can be achieved by an individual material/lesson.

*Note: If you want to map the lesson to a standard, you will need to include at least one element, as this is where the standard is mapped.

If you would like to import your customized curriculum, please download the attached spreadsheet. Data imports can be a very persnickety process, so please be very careful to follow this exact format.  If the data is not lined up correctly, the import won't work. Lessons should be tagged to the cycle year(s) for which the material is intended by placing an "x" next to each lesson in the appropriate column for that cycle year(s).  For example, a primary lesson could be tagged to PK1, PK2 and K whereas a Lower Elementary lesson could be tagged to 1, 2, and 3. Only lessons that are tagged to a cycle year in a classroom will be available for lesson planning and record keeping in that classroom. Please send completed spreadsheets to:

*Please do not make changes to structure of the template.  Keep the headers and format. Simply add your curriculum to this template. Thank you!

Download the  Custom Curriculum Import Template here.

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