Skills Report Templates

The Skills Report template provides you with a means to share additional insights with parents that may fall outside the Scope & Sequence. A common use is to share personal growth information such as social/emotional development (i.e. "Works Independently," "Separates Easily From Parents," etc.). You may create a brand new template, or use one of the pre-loaded templates.  The pre-loaded templates are fully customizable, so you can add more categories and/or as many skills as you wish. Each question can be created or edited to have a different assessment scale according to what is appropriate to answer that question. This is a very flexible tool, and can be used in a variety of ways to assess the students' skills.

To create a new Skills Report Template or edit an existing one, go to <More> and select <Progress Reports> from the listed options. Then click the "Skills Report Templates" link in the upper left of the page. If you want to create a new template from scratch, click the green "Create Template" button at the top. Enter a title for the template and click "Save." If you want to edit or add to an existing template, click on the name of that template (this also applies to a newly created template). At this point, you can either create a new category of skills by clicking the "Create Category" button at the top, or you can add/edit a question under an existing category. To add a new skill to be assessed, use the "Add question" link next to the Category name. To edit or delete an existing skill, use the appropriate link next to the individual question. Remember to save your changes using the "Update question" button at the bottom.

To apply a template to a progress report, simply  create a new progress report (or edit an existing one) and select a Skills Report template from the drop down menu. It is important to note that once a Skills Report has been chosen and attached to a Progress Report, it can not be changed or deleted. Once you've selected which template you want to use for that report, scroll down to the bottom of the Display Options section and check the box to "Display Skills Report Tab." The template will now display on the Skills Report tab of the Progress Report. On each individual child's progress report, you may add an assessment and comment for each skill. You may edit your responses to these questions at any time, and add or remove comments. However, the template itself cannot be altered once it is attached to the progress report. 

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