Summary Templates

Summary templates serve as the introduction for your progress report. You may create multiple summary templates (one for each classroom or level) or use a single template for the entire school. This is an opportunity for you to introduce this specific Progress Report, including any definition of the assessment scale you may have chosen (if you feel it needs more description), and/or a summary of the goals of the program level or school-wide mission statement. Templates can be saved and reused on future progress reports.

To create a Summary Template, go to <More> and select <Progress Reports> from the listed options. Then click the "Summary Templates" link in the upper left of that page. Now, just click the "Create Template" button at the top, enter a title for your template, and type any text you'd like into the Description field. That will become your Summary Template and can be displayed on any of your Progress Reports. Remember to click "Save" at the bottom.

To apply a template to a Progress Report, simply create a new progress report (or edit an existing progress report) and select a Summary template from the drop down menu.  The template will now display on the Summary tab of that Progress Report for each student in that classroom. 

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