Progress Report FAQs

Why doesn't my classroom name appear in the dropdown menu in the upper right corner?

If you do not see your classroom in this list, it is because you do not have any existing Progress Reports in the system. Simply click "Create Report" at the top and select your classroom from the dropdown menu provided. Once the report is created and saved, your classroom name will appear in the dropdown menu in the upper right.

Why can't I see my Custom Curriculum on the Progress Reports?

By default, Custom Curriculum is set not to display on Progress Reports (even if the box is checked on report creation page). To enable its display, go to <More/Curriculum> and click the "Edit Categories" link. Select the Custom Curriculum Category and check the box next to "Display on Progress Reports." You must repeat these steps for each Sub-category (classroom name) within the Custom Curriculum that you wish to display on progress reports. You can learn more about  Custom Curriculum here.

I accidentally clicked the "Ready to Publish" button! Can I unclick it? I still need to make some changes.

Currently, there is not a way to un-click the "Ready to Publish" button. However, you can still make changes to the Progress Report, even after it is "Published to Parents." The reports are dynamic, meaning they always show the most up-to-date information available in the system. The "Ready to Publish" button was simply intended to serve as a workflow tool, to mark your progress so you know which reports are completed and which ones are still in progress, as well as to provide an extra step in order to avoid accidental publishing.

Why do Category Descriptions display on some children's reports, but not others?

The Category Descriptions are Cycle Year specific, meaning they can be the same or different for each Cycle Year. These can be edited by going to <More/Curriculum> and then clicking on the "Edit Categories" link in the upper left above the page heading. If some of your students' Progress Reports are not displaying the Category Descriptions, check their Student Profile to make sure you have assigned them to a Cycle Year. If their profile says N/A for the Cycle Year, then you must select the appropriate one and that year's Category Descriptions should now display on that child's report.

Why is my new student missing from the Progress Report for my classroom?

When you create a Progress Report, the system creates a report for each of the students enrolled in that classroom. If you add a new student after the report is generated, he/she will not be included in the previously created report. You will need to create a new Progress Report for the classroom which will include the new student automatically, now that he/she is assigned to the class. For this reason, we do not recommend creating Progress Reports too far in advance of when you plan to share them.

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