Delete a Lesson

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and now it is easier than ever to correct any record keeping errors you may have made.

Delete recently recorded lessons in the History Log

Option 1: The easiest way to delete a recently recorded lesson is on the <Grid> using the "History Log" link in the upper right corner. This will reveal a panel showing every record keeping entry for the category currently showing on your Grid, organized by date. Next to each lesson you'll see 2 icons, one to edit and one to delete. Just click the trash can icon to delete the entry. If it was recorded in recent history, you can use the link at the bottom of the panel to view the "previous 7 days" until you locate the lesson you wish to delete.

Delete recently recorded lessons in the Student Cards

Option 2: If you know the specific date or general time frame when the lesson was recorded, you can go to the Student Cards page and select the child's card. Then go to the Recorded page and set the date range during which you think the lesson was recorded. Click the "Edit Record Keeping" link next to the lesson name when you see it in the list beneath the calendar view, and click the "x" in the upper right corner of the student's box. If it was a group lesson and you want to delete it for all students, you could just click the "Delete all" link in the shortcuts provided at the top of the record keeping page for that lesson entry. Confirm you wish to delete the lesson in the pop-up window. That entry of the lesson is now removed from the student's (or students') records.

Deleting all entries of a lesson for a student

Option 3: If you wish to revert the status of a lesson back to not having been presented at all, but you're still seeing it as recorded after deleting an entry, on the History Log or Student Cards page, that means the lesson has been recorded multiple times for the student. It will be necessary to delete every record keeping entry of that lesson in order for the icon to be removed from the Grid or other record keeping pages. To do this, click <More/Student Profiles> and select the student's name. Click on the Records tab and locate the lesson by choosing the Category and Sub-category in which it is listed, or click the numbers next to the category (ex: 40/162) and then the Sub-category. Click on the name of the lesson to reveal every record keeping entry of that lesson for that student. You can then click the "Delete" link next to each entry you wish to delete.

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