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Parents can be added at any time. Just like with students, you have the option of adding them manually or via import. This article will cover how to add parents manually. You can learn more about how to Add Students and Parents in Bulk via Import here.

There are no limitations on the number of users your account can have, whether during the trial period or after you've upgraded your account. A parent can be attached to multiple students, so you only need to create one profile for each parent, even if there are siblings in your school. Here's how to add a parent:

  1. Go to <More/Users> and click the green "New User" button at the top.
  2. Select the Parent/Guardian role for this user. Note: If you miss this step, you may end up giving the parent an Administrator role, so be sure to select the correct role type.
  3. Enter the first and last name and email address of the new user. 
  4. The default password of "password" is already entered for you. But, if you want to enter a unique password prior to sharing the login details with the user, you can do so now. Once logged in, the user can change his/her own password anytime.
  5. Remaining contact information is optional, and can be filled in by the user once they login to their new profile.
  6. Click the green "Save Changes" button at the bottom to create the new profile.

Important Tips:

  • Parents will not be able to access any information about their child or his/her classroom until you attach the parent's profile to the child's student profile. But, they will be able to receive ALL SCHOOL or direct communications (Calendar Events and Messages) as long as their profile is active in your account. Learn how to attach a parent to their child's profile.
  • Each user profile must use a unique email address. If parents share an email address, they will also need to share their Montessori Compass profile. You can simply enter both parents' names in the first name field (e.g. John and Joan) if they share the same last name. If not, you can get creative with how to enter their names. They will both use the same username and password to access their profile. Alternatively, if each parent wants his/her own profile for Messaging purposes, you could create a "placeholder" email or use an alias email for the second parent (e.g. parentname@ or emailname+1@ The username does not need to be a valid email address. But if it isn't, the user will not be able to receive any email notifications including the password reset email (you will need to reset the user's password if they forget it).

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