Parents love seeing photos of their kids in the classroom! MC makes it easy to share classroom activity with the entire school, individual classrooms, or just the parents of an individual student.  Photos are always as private as you would like them to be.    

  • Administrative users have the ability to view/edit all existing photo albums and create new albums. 
  • Teacher users have the ability to view/edit photo albums that are shared with a group of which they are a part (ALL SCHOOL or a Classroom to which they are assigned) or those that are shared with a student assigned to their Classroom. Teachers can also create new albums. 
  • Parent/Guardian users can only view albums that are shared with them. 

There are now 2 types of albums in Photos: Custom Albums and Activity Albums. Activity Albums are created automatically when photos are uploaded via the new Quick Add feature. For each student, a Private album and a Shared album will be created as photos are uploaded through Quick Add with the corresponding sharing selection made (e.g. if box to “Share with Parents” is checked, the Shared album will be created, if not checked, the Private album will be created). Once each student’s Activity Albums are created, all future photo uploads via Quick Add will be stored in the appropriate album. There will also be a Private and a Shared Activity Album created for the classroom as a whole where photos without a selected student will be saved. The Shared Activity Albums for individual students will automatically be shared with any/all Parent/Guardians attached to the Student’s Profile. The Shared Classroom Activity Album will automatically be shared with all parents attached to all the students assigned to that classroom. The Private Activity Albums will be visible to any Teacher of a classroom to which the student is assigned, as well as all Administrators.

Activity_Albums photo screenshot_zpsblarnvoz.png

You can also create Custom Albums, ideal for special events and activities, and share them with specific groups or individuals. Go to <Photos>. Click the Create Album button to create a new album. Give your new album a name and optional description. If you wish to edit an existing album, simply click on the album to open it. You may then proceed to making your desired changes using the links found beneath the cover photo, or uploading new photos to the album. 

Editing Photo Albums and Uploading Photos

Click on an album to open it, and then click the "Edit Album" link to select which users you will share the album with.  The viewers feature works similar to Messaging and Calendar.  You can choose ALL SCHOOL if you want all users to be able view photos.  You can choose a Classroom name if you want only users in that classroom to view the photos.  Selecting the name of an individual student will share the album with ALL Parent/Guardian users that have been attached to that student profile.  You can multi-select students or classrooms, if you would like.
Click the Upload Photos button to add photos to your album.  If you are using a laptop/desktop, you can use the drag/drop interface to multi-select photos and drag straight into the browser.  Alternatively, you can click the Add Files button to choose photos from your device. Once you click "Done" or "Open" your photos will begin uploading automatically. Depending on the quantity of images and your Internet connection speed, images can take some time to upload and then process. Please be patient. 
The Photos feature is intended as a way to share photos with parents. It is not meant as a long-term photo storage solution, as photos can only be downloaded back out of MC one at a time. For this reason, we recommend keeping your photos backed up on another hard drive or in a cloud to facilitate using them in other projects (such as a yearbook). It is also a good idea to let parents know that they should download a photo they want to keep when it is shared with them, rather than waiting until they have hundreds of photos they want to keep, which will take quite a bit of time to download individually. 

Editing Photos, Changing Album Cover, Adding Photos to other Albums

To edit individual photos, click the edit link next to the photo. You can edit the name of the photo and add a caption. You can also add the photo to multiple albums. No need to upload the photo twice. Simply type the name of another album and you can add the same photo to as many albums as you would like. Click the checkbox at the top to use this photo for the album cover. To edit all photos at the same time, click the "Edit All Photos" link. 

If you’d like to merge your existing Custom Album photos into the new Activity Albums for each child, you can do so by opening the Custom Album and clicking the “Edit all photos” link. Then, under each photo you wish to move, click in the “Albums” field and select the album to which you want to move the photo. At the same time, you can click the “x” to remove it from the current Custom Album if desired. Remember to scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Update Photos.” Also, if desired, you can then delete the Custom Album and continue using the Activity Album for all future photo sharing for that student.

Photo Slideshow and Downloading Photos

Parents can download images by clicking the download link on the photo while viewing the slideshow. 

Archiving Photo Albums

Because we know how much everyone loves photos, we realize that over time, your album organization can begin to get a bit unruly. In order to help each user better organize this valuable feature in MC, you can now archive photo albums. Simply open the album and then click the "Archive this album" link found below the cover photo. The album will be removed from active status, but can be restored at a later time. Archived albums still maintain full functionality, meaning you may still view and upload new photos to these albums. Anyone else with whom the album is shared will be able to view any new photos you upload as well. For example, if a teacher uploads a new photo to an album that a parent has archived, the photo album will be automatically unarchived on the parent's profile and display on the active photo albums page again. This is to prevent anyone from missing information you want to share. The parent can re-archive the album once they have viewed the new photo. You may click the "Restore this album" link to restore it to active status on your own profile.  

If you have archived any albums, you will find a "View Archived Photo Albums" link in the upper right corner of the Photo Albums page. You may use this link to toggle between the active and archived albums. 

Please note: The archive feature is merely an organizational tool for you. It will not impact the display of this album for any other user. However, deleting the album will permanently delete it school-wide. 

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