Parent Communication Overview

One of the most common questions our customers ask is, "What can parents see when they login?" This will be outlined below, but we also recommend creating a Parent Profile for yourself (and attaching it to a student) so that you can see first-hand what a parent will experience.

Parents will not receive an Invitation or Email Notification from us unless you turn that feature on and share some information with them. So, you can go ahead and create parent profiles whenever you want, and then invite parents to login when you're ready. Once they are able to login (you've given them their username and password), a parent can ONLY see what you choose to share with them. They do not have access to their child's entire Student Profile, but only the various types of information you send them through the respective channels. Also, some of the information available to parents can be disabled by the school, such as messaging other parents and viewing the Student Directory. 

Parents can send and receive Messages (whom they can message depends on your school's setting). And they can see Photo Albums, Calendar Events, Activity Reports, and Progress Reports that have been shared with them. Some of these settings are found in your Communication Center while others are simply shared (or not shared) directly from that feature (i.e. Photo Albums). For more detailed information about each of these features and the corresponding settings, please check out the articles linked above.
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