Parent Calendar

The MC Calendar makes it easy to keep the entire school community up-to-date.  Calendar events are organized into 3 categories:

  • School:  Events viewable by everyone - all staff & parents.
  • Classroom:  Events viewable by members of the classroom - teachers & parents.  By default, Planned Lessons are also posted to the Classroom calendar.  This feature can be disabled by an Administrator in the Communication Center/Calendar tab.
  • Individual:  Events viewable by the designated user(s).  You can add events for staff members, parents, and even yourself!

On your Calendar page (logged in as a Teacher or Administrator), you can view the current month, week (default view), or day at-a-glance. You can also view your weekly agenda. All-day events will be displayed as red tiles in the top section of the calendar, and you also have time slots below where you'll see any events that are scheduled for a specific time. Planned lessons are displayed as blue tiles and will appear in the "all-day" section of the weekly calendar view beneath the calendar events. If you want to view a different date, use the "back" and "next" buttons in the upper left. You can also add new events or view a list of all events by selecting that option from the "Manage Events" dropdown menu. 

Parents have a different Calendar view that is read-only. They will be able to see any events that have been shared with them individually or with a group to which they belong (i.e. classroom or all school). Events that have descriptions will be underlined, and they can click on it to view the description. If you enabled this option in your Communication Center, parents can also see any lessons that have been planned for their child(ren).

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