Edit Calendar Events

To edit the details of a Calendar Event:
  1. Go to <Calendar> and click on an event to view the details. You could also click the Manage Events dropdown menu and select "View All Events" from the options. Then click "Edit" next to the event you want to update.
  2. Edit any information for that event. 
  3. Click “Update Event.”

Once you've saved the changes to the event, it will take you to the View All Events page. There, you can edit, delete, or copy other events to which you have access. If you want to make recurring events, click the Copy link and select a new date. Remember to save the new event. From the View All Events page, you can toggle between future/past events and also filter the list by type of participation (All School, Classroom, or Individual).

To delete a Calendar Event, just click on it and then click the "Delete" link in the lower right corner of the details page. Or, from the View All Events page, click the "Delete" link to the right of the event you wish to delete.

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