Inactive vs. Archived Status

Student Profiles in your Montessori Compass account have 3 status options: Active, Inactive, and Archived. You are only billed for Active students, but you can maintain the records of former students for as long as you like, free of charge, using either the Inactive or the Archived status. Both are treated the same in your MC account, and neither status is billable. They simply provide 2 additional categories into which you can sort your students. Typically: 

  • The Inactive status is used for either new students who have not yet begun attending your school or for students who are taking an extended vacation or leave of absence (such as summer break or temporary relocation) and you expect them to return to the school after a period of time. 
  • The Archived status is usually used when a student has moved on from your school and is not expected to return.

Note: Deactivating or archiving a student does NOT affect the status of any parents who may be attached to that student, as parents may have multiple children enrolled in the same school. The parent would no longer receive any classroom communications once the student is deactivated or archived, because they would no longer be considered part of the "classroom group." However, the parent will still receive any "All School" communications as long as their parent profile is active. To deactivate a parent, go to <More/Users> and click the "Deactivate" or "Delete" link next to his/her name. For more information on managing parent profiles, please see the related article linked below.

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