Step 9: Quick Add - Record an observation

Next, let's record an observation using Quick Add. These instructions will show you how to record a private observation for an individual student. However, you'll be able to customize these steps to turn this into a group observation and/or one that is shared with parents. For now, let's focus on how to record a quick private individual observation.

  1. Click the Quick Add button at the top of the Grid page, Calendar, or in the left-side navigation panel.
  2. Click in the Students field, and select the student for whom you want to record an observation.
  3. Skip over the Lesson field and click the "Add Observation" link.
  4. Enter your note in the white Observation (Private) box.
  5. Then, just click "Save" and that's it!
The observation will be displayed immediately on the <Observations> page for today's date, as well as on the Student Card and Student Profile.

  • To make a group observation, just select more than one child's name in the Student field, or select the classroom name to make it a whole-class observation.
  • To share the observation with parents, enter it into the yellow "Observations (Shared)" box rather than the white "Observations (Private)" box. Then, you'll find the note displayed in the <Observations> page on the "Parent Communication (Shared) tab, and it will be made available to parents on their child's next Activity Report (if your classroom is set up to share those reports). 
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